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In 1958 Jody and Mary Franks opened Jody's Big Burger in Temple, Texas. Jody cooked and Mary was the Carhop. In 1963, they bought Snappy's Drive Inn which soon became Jody's Snappy Drive Inn. Today, this is known as The Old Jody's Restaurant.

Jody and Mary's four children worked at the restaurant at one time or another, and their grandchildren "grew up" at the restaurant. Jody and Mary's son, Joey Franks, took over the restaurant in 1984. Jody and Mary retired in 1995, but on any given day could still be seen in the kitchen or at their favorite table. Jody Franks or as some might know him, Jody Burger, passed away March 17, 2012.

We will continue to carry on the tradition of good food and close family just as Jody and Mary Franks started 50 years ago. Joey and his wife, Sheryl Franks, take pride in the lessons and values they were taught by Jody and Mary. Another generation of grandchildren are currently "growing up" in the restaurant and learning the value of family tradition.

We invite you to come hang out and enjoy some good 'ole country cookin'.

As Jody always said, "y'all come back."